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Quatermass — messages 

2013: Mick Underwood has some brilliant news for Quatermass fans:
Mick Underwood Went to Chiswick's Power House Studios yesterday, to hear the playback of the remixed QUATERMASS album.
J Peter Robinson, the band's keyboard player and string etc arranger, has spent a long time working on the mixing and mastering. This work has paid off handsomely. I sat in the middle of the 5.1surround playback and was getting constantly blown away big time. It sounds like it was recorded yesterday with even more power than the original! The whole original album is there + both sides of a single+ bonus tracks. One bonus track was recorded with a different line up after my time with the band and is ace. March is the expected release month.

I'm still trying to get over it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Peter Robinson
Mick Underwood played in many other superb bands after Quatermass, notably Strapps and Gillan. See his official website for more details.
Quatermass singer and bass player John Gustafson got in touch and sent the messages below. With John's persmission, we publish an extract here:
John Gustafson Hi there ! I found your web site by accident, and enjoyed it very much!

I haven't seen Pete for several years since we were in Al Jarreau's band in Germany. He lives in L.A. and writes film scores. By the way, on Q's USA trip we also played Beavers club Chicago, Whisky a Go-Go Los Angeles, Fillmore West San Francisco, open air gig in Oklahoma City, and Jam factory San Antonio Texas.

Other events in 1970, a residency at the "Blow up" Munich, a German tour with Uriah Heep, and a UK tour with Deep Purple. We never really got to plan another album, but "Monster in Paradise" (Gustafson-Gillan-Glover) would probably have been included.

Somewhere there exists a live tape of a gig recorded by Radio Luxembourg, which includes "Lucille" and an R.L. DJ., Tony Prince singing "What'd I say".

Pete played a Hammond A3 organ with two Leslies, and a Hohner Clavinet, all going through two 200 watt amps and four 4X12 speaker cabinets. I played a 1960 Fender Jazz Bass, through a 300 watt "Orange" bass amp, this powered two 4x15 "Orange" bass cabs. I can't remember Mick's kit!
Bas says: "Thanks for writing John. Now how can we locate those RL tapes?"
   an excellent interview with John Gustafson
   sad, sad news. A tribute to John "Gus" Gustafson (8 August 1942 12 September 2014)
Quatermass drummer Mick Underwood was also kind enough to send an email. Thanks Mick, for writing and of course for the fine music. With Mick's persmission we publish the email here:
Mick Underwood Hi Bas,
I've just found the website you run.
Most impressive and flattering.

Best Regards,
Mick Underwood
Mick Underwood played in many other bands after Quatermass, most notably Strapps and Gillan. See his official website for more details.

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