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Quatermass — related bands
The three musicians (and songwriter Steve Hammond) played in many other bands before and after Quatermass. They have also appeared on numerous albums as session or studio musicians. Click on the images below for further details of their musical careers. We warmly welcome your contribution of any records or sessions not mentioned here. If possible, please include an image, preferably a jpg of 300x300 pixels. Email!
Mick Underwood John Gustafson Peter Robinson + Steve Hammond
Mick Underwood John Gustafson Peter Robinson Steve Hammond
drums bass/vocals keyboards songwriter

Torben Nielsen writes:
"In the mid-seventies, Quatermass were once again an ongoing capacity. I (think I) recall a concert review which mentioned the dreaded word 'funk'... and I have a feeling they were backing Shawn Phillips and doing a warm-up support slot on their own; Gustafson and Robinson with Barry de Souza on drums. They recorded twice with Shawn, Furthermore (A&M AMLH 68278, 1974) features the whole band, whereas Rumplestiltskin's Resolve (AMLH 64582, 1976) features the three on one track (presumably a leftover?), but Robinson as player and arranger on the whole thing. Paul Buckmaster also arranges a bit. They Call Me Geordie by David Garriock (CBS S 80522, 1975) features Gus, Rob and de Souza on People Get Ready. Geordie Garriock was lead singer with Liverpudlians Red Squares who came to Scandinavia in 1965 and topped the charts here continuously. Dares one presume he ran into Gustafson in Liverpool? His solo LP was produced by Anders Henriksson in Sweden which is another link. Anders was fifth member of Swedish top group Tages and produced 99% of their output while adding George Martinesque touches here and there. He crops up continually in a fashion reminiscent of Paul Shaffer..."
Quatermass II
The name Quatermass was resurrected for a second time, in the 1990s, when Mick Underwood found himself chatting to old friend Nick Simper (Deep Purple) at some music event or other. Mutually pondering why they had never played together despite an acquaintance stretching back many, many years, they promptly decided to form a band together, calling themselves Quatermass II. The result was an album, Long Road, and a series of gigs throughout England. None of the material by the original Quatermass was performed by this band.
Long Road (1997) ThunderbirdLong Road (2000) Angel AirLong Road   Pony Canyon

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